Friday, March 12, 2010

Listening For Lions by Gloria Whelan

Historical fiction with a wicked twist.

Listening for Lions is a breathtaking story of tragedy, deception, and triumph against all odds. National Book Award–winning author Gloria Whelan sets this richly historical coming–of–age adventure in British East Africa in the year 1918.

This irresistible novel entangles an orphaned girl in a deceit filled plot. Young Rachel Sheridan is made to leave her beloved Africa for England, where she must pose as the deceased daughter of a nefarious couple in an effort to gain them an enormous inheritance. Her irrepressible spirit and extraordinary wit turn her from victim to heroine in a surprising and empowering tale of a remarkable young woman.

My daughter and I read this book for our library's mother/daughter book club. We read most of it together but as the time got closer she read it on her own with me catching up.

Rachel is a young girl who loves her parents and Africa. When tragedy strikes, she's thrust into a world of deception by adults who should have taken care of her instead of use her. She is sent from her beloved home and freedom to a London where it actually snows! She also finds someone who wants her to be happy.

There were a lot of symbolism in the book. She describes birds while in Africa and England.

I wonder if this story could have been two books? The ending was obvious and felt a little rushed or not as well told as the beginning. There weren't any real stumbling blocks for Rachel. And if there were any, she overcame them easily.

Overall, it's a good book, especially for young girls.

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