Friday, May 21, 2010

Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

A girl is transformed, through instruction in life at court, determination, and magic, from sullen, pudgy, graceless Ben into Crown Princess Benevolence, a fit ruler of the kindgom of Montagne as it faces war with neighboring Drachensbett.

Interesting twist on Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and other fairy tales involving dragons, enemy kingdoms, evil stepmothers, a handsome prince and hidden princess.

Princess Ben is shown as a fat, spoiled princess who has to save her kingdom after her mother and the king are killed. Her aunt, now queen, does not seem to like her.
Ben is sentenced to a high tower where she finds and learns magic which is both useful and hindering. When it seems war is at hand, Ben escapes her cell to help but is caught and used as a slave in the enemy camp.

Ben overcomes obstacles and grows and changes for the better throughout the story. And her aunt changed as well.
There wasn't enough in the story to show me the change between the prince and princess from sworn enemies to being in love.
Cute story.

Rating: PG
S: None
V: war, dragons
L: None

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