Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FINDING ROSE by Stephanie Humphreys

On his deathbed, Rose Sterling’s father asks her to consider Miles Crandall as a suitor. Then Rose is sent to live with an uncle in Spring Creek, Montana, far from her carefree life with her family in Utah. Miles is returning to his hometown of Spring Creek to set up a medical practice, so Rose is certain her being sent there is a setup. Yet Miles doesn’t seem interested in her, and after Rose falls ill in Montana, he seems content to act as her physician and friend. When Rose captures the attention of Miles’s younger, flamboyant brother as well as the town sheriff, Miles retreats even further from
any attempt at courtship.

How can Rose honor her father’s last wish if Miles doesn’t even try to court her? Will she have the courage to put her heart on the line and fight for the one she really loves?

This is part of LDS history I wasn't educated on. I'm from Logan, Utah and it was interesting to read some history from this era.
I felt the characters were portrayed younger than their age. But this is a sweet, innocent, clean romance that many will enjoy.

Ratings: PG
S: None
L: None
V: None

Page 69 Test:
Chapter 8
""Where have you been?" Maggie frowned as Rose approached the house. All the guests had gone and the house was quiet. "Surely I have taught you better than to run around the countryside like a boy, especially on the day of your father's funeral."
"I guess that's my fault, Mama," Sean said. He came out of the house and put his arm around the two women. "You shouldn't have let her tag along with me so much when she was younger. I guess we'll never see her grow out of those unladylike ways, will we?"
Maggie smiled wearily. "I'm so glad to see a little spirit back in the two of you." She closed the door and took Rose's hand. "Sean, would you please find Carrie and tell her I want to speak to all of you in the parlor? We need to talk about the future."
The Future. Rose grimaced. She hoped for a few days ot just pretend nothing else would change. Rose drew the drapes in the window and sat in a chair close to the fire. She loved the parlor. Her mother's ebroidery hung on the walls. the fireplace was flanked by two armchairs, but Maggie sat in the rocker that..."

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