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The Fourth Nephite by Jeffrey S. Savage

Kaleo Steele is starting to cut seminary and hang out with some new friends ; in fact, he s not even sure what he believes anymore. When his seminary teacher finds him at the wrong place at the wrong time, Kaleo is in jeopardy of missing his high school team s regional football game a game where college scouts will be coming to see him play. But his seminary teacher realizes that much more than a game is at stake, and sends him on a soul-searching quest. Guided by Ladan, a mysterious old blind man, Kaleo pushes through a battered wooden door only to find himself in Palmyra, New York, in the fall of 1827. Soon he is caught up in a battle between treasure seekers led by Allaster Blackburn, a necromancer hired to steal the gold plates and the young prophet Joseph Smith, who is sworn to keep them safe. In his quest to find a key that will send him back to his own time, Kaleo will have to decide what to believe. Before it s too late. In the style of the Tennis Shoes among the Nephites series, The Fourth Nephite is an exciting new time-travel adventure series for LDS teens and their families.

Fun, intriguing, educational story! Mr. Savage is an excellent storyteller and this book is another example of his talent. I enjoyed reading a different viewpoint of the time of Joseph Smith and his family.
 This is a series and I will add it to my library. Hopefully, my kids will enjoy it as much as I did.

Rating: G
L: None
S: None:
V: fights

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Page 69 test:
:...up was a little ralike thing that squesaked and ran deeper into the woods.
"What now?" I asked. After all my walking, my legs ached and my back felt like I'd been nailed in the open field by a strong safety. I didn't know how long I'd actually one without a meal, but my stomach was complaining up a storm. I figured I might as well continue on to the road. Wahtever I was supposed to find didn't seem to be here, and the sooner I found a road, the sooner I could find a house--and a phone.
First though, I'd take a little break. These boots might have been handmade, but Air Jordans they were not. I oculd feel blisters on the backs of both of my heels. I dropped to the ground, leaned my head back against the side of the rock and stretched out my legs with a sigh.
I closed my eyes and listened as a breeze rustled the leaves over head. Now that the sun was gone, the air was srting to cool down. It wasn't neral as cold as it had been the night I'd driven into the city, but I also wasnt' wearing the down jacket I'd had on then. The coat I was wearing now was thick, but if Ididn't find someplace to spend the night, I would be hurting by the morning.
I rubbed my hands together, rying to warm them up, and felt someting strange. The skinn on my right hand seemed...odd. Holding my palm out in fron of my face,O shook my head. A lot of crazy things had happened today, buthtis was more than wrong. I got to my feet and stepped into the moonlight just to be sure of what I was seeing.
I ran the fingers of my left hand over the skin of my right,"


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Savvy Saving by Melissa Jennings & Shelley King

Working to stretch your budget? With their expert coupon strategies, menu planning, and other household management skills, Stockpiling Moms are the answer! Straight from their award winning blog to your hands and home, they've compiled their best loved tips and tricks just for you. They know what it takes to live a frugal lifestyle within a budget, and now you can too!

Great book with lots of resources, websites, tips, ideas and secrets for couponing, food storage and stretching your budget.
This is a good book for starting off the new year and keeping your goals of doing better financially or getting your food storage stocked. While I'm not into major couponing I have found using them has helped me save $$, especially now that stores are doing double coupons. 
I use a weekly menu service that prints out my recipes and shopping list. I save a lot of time and money doing this.
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The book was easy to re…


I'm spotlighting Diane Tolley's book Daughter of Ishmael!
(Isn't the cover pretty??)

Hannah, faithful third daughter of Ishmael has been raised happily in the home of an honourable man. A woman wholly committed to her Saviour. A woman who understands Nephi’s love of the scriptures and commitment to the gospel and secretly longs for such a husband, but finds herself given in marriage to his older brother, Lemuel.
Through the women’s eyes, Daughter of Ishmael follows the family of Ishmael as they commit themselves to Lehi and find their faith tested in the wilderness. Recounts their struggles there with deaths, births and apostasy. Tells of their time in Bountiful and the building of a ship. And their suffering below decks on the Great Irriantum when Laman and Hannah’s husband, Lemuel battle the Lord Himself in their drive to defeat Nephi and take control of the family.
Even their arrival in the Promised Land isn’t without its challenges as they settle. Pride, envy and greed are…

Choose the Right by Kimiko Christensen Hammari

Crazy days mean no time to plan family nights. With Choose the Right, all your Family Home Evening lessons are done for a whole year, complete with activities, games, scriptures, songs, challenges, and a CD-Rom with printable handouts! Not only are the lessons fantastic but they correlate with the 2012 Primary topics and lessons. Spend quality time with your children as you make family night the best night!

Great Family Home Evening help! 
The lessons are easy to understand and teach. 
The activities are tied well to the lessons.
A challenge at the end of each lesson helps the family really learn what the lesson taught.
Perfect for children and teaching how to Choose the Right. 
My kids love to teach FHE lessons so this is a great asset for my family.