Friday, March 16, 2012

Witch Song by Amber Argyle

The world is changing.
Once, Witch Song controlled everything from the winds to the shifting of the seasons, but not anymore. All the Witches are gone, taken captive by a traitor.
All but Brusenna.
Now the traitor is coming for Brusenna, and even her guardian can't protect her. Somehow, Brusenna has to succeed where every other Witch has failed. Find the traitor. Fight her. Defeat her.
If Brusenna fails, there won't be anything left to save.
Look for the sequel, Witch Born, coming May 2012.

First Line:
"Brusenna's straw-colored hair felt as hot as a sun-baked rock."

Don't you LOVE the cover? I think it's beautiful.

The first bit of the book was hard to read due to how Brusenna was treated by the villagers. Her mother has kept her hidden because they are both witches but also because there is a war going on.
Witches are not the Halloween type we're all use to. Ms. Argyle gives witches a new, good twist. I love that they sing their spells.
Brusenna grows from mouse into woman through the book.
The story is full of great characters and I really liked Bruke, the dog :)
Romance, action and paranormal story all in one book.

Rating: PG
L: No
V: No
S: No


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