Friday, March 12, 2010

Winter's Child by Cameron Dokey

"Once Upon a Time" is Timeless

Free-spirited Grace and serious Kai are the best of friends. They grew up together listening to magical tales spun by Kai's grandmother and sharing in each other's secrets. But when they turn sixteen and Kai declares his love for Grace, everything changes. Grace yearns for freedom and slowly begins to push Kai - and their friendship - away.

Dejected Kai dreams of a dazzling Snow Queen, who entices him to leave home and wander to faraway lands. When Grace discovers Kai is gone, she learns how much she has lost and sets out on a mystical journey to find Kai...and discover herself.

This is a quick, enjoyable retelling of Winter's Child. There were a few twists, most which I guessed except one. I think I didn't guess the one because it happened so quickly.

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