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Friday, April 27, 2012

On Little Wings by Regina Sirois

This is a story of the countless ways we get love wrong. And why, despite every disappointment, we keep fighting to get it right.

Jennifer must do the impossible – bring her mother home. When a family is torn apart by death, two sisters take violently divergent paths and the story of their family appears to end terribly and abruptly. Two decades later Jennifer never dreams that the photo she finds stuck between the pages of a neglected book will tear open a gaping wound to her mother’s secret past. Abandoning her comfortable life with her parents and best friend in the wheat fields of Nebraska, Jennifer’s quest for a hidden aunt leads her to the untamed coast of Maine where she struggles to understand why her mother lied to her for sixteen years.

Across the grey, rocky cove she meets Nathan Moore, the young, reluctant genius surrounded by women who need him to be brother, father, friend, provider, protector and now, first love. The stories, varied, hilarious, and heartbreaking, unfold to paint a striking mural of the shattered past. As Jennifer seeks to piece together her mother’s story, she inadvertently writes one for herself.

First line:
"The DNA of mice and humans is 98% identical."

Loved this story. Loved the descriptions. I felt like I was in small town Maine with Jennifer. I want to visit there. Can I remake my home to resemble a beach cottage? Because now I really, really want to. Thanks a lot Regina! *smiley face*
There were many times I wanted to bookmark a certain sentence or passage but I couldn't take the time to stop reading to do it. I'm glad I own a copy of the book on my phone so I can reread it. I would love to own a physical copy as well.
Regina has done a superb job of characterizations, descriptions, plot and setting.
Each character is unique with a strong voice. I loved all of them. Especially Little and the Jacks.
The author also has a way with words that made me want to read and reread and then copy the passages. I even read quite a few out loud to my husband as he drove.
The plot was about family, lost relationships, healing, forgiveness and summer love.
And the setting! I could taste the salt air and hear the sea gulls play.

This is a book I would reread again and again.

Rating: PG
V: No
L: No
S: No


Having to read it on my iPhone


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