Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love Your Body by Brook Parker R.D.

Are you tired of dieting and feeling unsatisfied with your appearance? In this book, registered dietitian Brooke Parker shares secrets for developing a positive body image and creating your own customized eating plan. You'll also learn how to replace negative thoughts about yourself with positive, motivating thoughts. With the tools you master in Love Your Body, the scale, the media, and your "skinny jeans" will no longer have the power to determine your mood or your life!

For anyone tired of diets and everything else that the world has given us to try to lose, this small book is a breath of fresh air.
It is not a diet book.
Each chapter is easy to read and understand. The chapters are also short and not overwhelming.
Ms. Parker adds something at the end of each chapter that I really like: a real life example of the principles taught in the chapter AND a short worksheet to help reinforce those principles.
This book is worth reading not only for dieters but also for anyone who may have a self image issue. Which would include almost everyone.

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