Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spells by Aprilynne Pike

Six months have passed since Laurel saved the gateway to the faerie realm of Avalon. Now she must spend her summer there, honing her skills as a Fall faerie. But her human family and friends are still in mortal danger--and the gateway to Avalon is more compromised than ever.

When it comes time to protect those she loves, will she depend on David, her human boyfriend, for help? Or will she turn to Tamani, the electrifying faerie with whom her connection is undeniable?

Last year my children wanted a bedtime story so I retold "Wings." One of my children eagerly awaited "Spells" so I could tell the next part of the story. After I read it I was asked to retell it. Sadly, this story wasn't made for storytelling.
This book showed us the fairy world, Avalon, and how Tam and Laurel fit into fae society. No action with the trolls came until almost the end.
Also, it sets up the next book for Laurel to have to choose between David, her human boyfriend and Tam, the fairy. The love interest and Laurel's desire to remain 'human' seem to be the obstacles to overcome in the book.

I'm still waiting to find out why Laurel's memory was wiped out and sent to live in the human world. It seems Laurel's more important then has been revealed.
Promiscuity is expected in Avalon.
There is a great hook at the end of the book.

Rating: PG 14
S: sexual tensions, kissing, possible sex but not shown
L: little to none
V: Fighting with trolls

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  1. ok so i actually JUST started reading this, so it's really interesting to read your review! thanks for the heads up!!

    now i have to finish the book, lol.