Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Double life by Janette Rallison

Her whole life, Alexia Garcia has been told that she looks just like pop star Kari Kingsley, and one day when Alexia’s photo filters through the Internet, she’s offered a job to be Kari’s double. This would seem like the opportunity of a lifetime, but Alexia’s mother has always warned her against celebrities.

Rebelliously, Alexia flies off to L.A. and gets immersed in a celebrity life. Not only does she have to get used to getting anything she wants, she romances the hottest lead singer on the charts, and finds out that her own father is a singing legend. Through it all, Alexia must stay true to herself, which is hard to do when you are pretending to be somebody else!

If you ever need a funny, clean, romantic story all you have to do is fine 'Rallison, Janette' on your library shelf or at the book store.
Alexia wants to met her father and for just one day, make money for college and see what it's like to be famous.
But a celebrities life is not as glamorous as it seems.
She's pushed around, threatened, trained like a show dog and hurt.
And she falls for a hot superstar who thinks she is someone she isn't. And her lies are about to catch up with her.
I love the way Janette weaves her stories and characters. Her stories are uplifting, clean, genuine, intriguing and funny. She is one of my favorite authors.

Rating PG
S: None
V: Things thrown, someone slapped, scary mean lady
L: None

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