Friday, August 13, 2010


Boyfriends are supposed to be loyal, caring, and handsome. Giovanna's boyfriend, Jesse, has perfected the last two. But when her twin brother, Dante, runs for student body president, Jesse doesn't support Dante, choosing to campaign for his opponent instead. Shouldn't the fact that Jesse is Giovanna's boyfriend count for something? So Giovanna dumps Jesse and becomes Dante's campaign manager. But as the political debates heat up, Giovanna begins to regret breaking up with Jesse, and realizes that maybe her decision wasn't the political strategy she should have used . . . .

I LOVE JANETTE RALLISON'S BOOKS! And that's my review!

Rating: CLEAN

Page 69 test:
"...few steps away to take the call in private while I stared at my shoes and wondered if it wold be lethal to eat a pair.
I mean, let's face it. There was a much greater chance that I'd be sawing up a pair of high heels than there was that Jesse would e chewing down chunks of his cowboy boots.""Giovanna!" Jesse motioned me over to where he stood and pushed the mute button on his phone. "I thought it was Dante, but actually it's your stepmom." One of his eyebrows rose, and he tilted his head at me. "Do you have any idea why she would holler at me for being with you at the mall?"
"She's pretty much psychotic," I said.
"Could it be you didn't tell her you were coming here?"
"Well, that too."
He shook his head and handed me the phone.
I released the mute button and held the phone to my ear. "Hello?"
That's really all I got to say. The rest of the phone conversation was Gabby screaming at me because she'd come home early in order to supervise the garage cleanup, and I'd disobeyed her and gone off the the mall.
"Don't think there won't be consequences for running of with your boyfriend after I told you that you couldn't..."

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  1. That's a pretty good scene. It piques my interest. Thanks for the review.