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Having just finished a tour of duty in Iraq, Dr. Tyler Winthrop is ready to join his father, Craig, for a little downtime in Paris. But when Craig disappears, Tyler is yanked back into the brutal realm of danger and the unknown, and his fate quickly becomes entwined with attractive French counterintelligence agent Isabella Floret as he looks for his missing father.

Risk escalates and trust dwindles as the pair uncovers ties between Tyler’s father’s disappearance and a terrorist plot that could take the war on terror in unthinkable new directions. As lines separating enemy and ally increasingly blur, Tyler and Isabella are sent on a pulse-pounding race through Paris while the security of nations hangs in the balance—and dangerous connections are the only aid to be found.

S: None
L: None
V: Some shooting, people get hurt, a few die

"...I hope you like my book. Please lie to me if you don't :)" This is the inscription Julie signed in my book. No pressure!

I'm happy to report, I don't have to lie. Dangerous Connections is a story full of twists and turns, espionage and traitors, and a strong female main character, who can drive in Paris! Impressive! Oh. And romance! Just a little to make it an even better read :)
Tyler and Isabella are thrown together by accident but they work well together and help each other in finding the truth they need.
There were a couple of loose ends for me. One was how Tyler's dad had so little page time. Tyler was in Paris and in trouble because of his dad. Maybe I missed it? But that isn't really a big deal, now is it?
I can't remember the other one so I guess it wasn't a big deal.
Julie's writing is clean and full of description. I felt I was along for the bumpy ride in France.
Good job, Julie! Can't wait to read more of your books.

Page 69 test:
"Chapter Nine
Tyler glanced over at the woman sitting in the driver's seat. Her jaw set, and she was focusing on the road, maneuvering through the traffic and roundabouts with skill. She didn't look at him, and Tyler wondered what was going on in her head. "Are you okay?" he asked.
"Fine," she said, exhaling deeply. "But I'm worried about Jacques and Marcus." She clenched the steering wheel as she weaved in and out of the cars In front of them. "How exactly did you meet Jacques?" she asked him, changing the subject.
Tyler shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Didn't you hear Jacques? We're trying to find my father."
"But that doesn't explain how you met Jacques."
"That information is on a need-to-know basis, and I'm pretty sure you don't need to know." He repeated her words back, but smiled to soften them, before turning his gaze out the window. "It's a long story. I'm sure we'll have plenty of time at the house to talk about it, don't you think?"
Isabella didn't answer at first, her eyes fixed on the road, but after a glance in her rearview mirror, she reached over and gave his seat belt a tug. "Yes, we probably will, but before we do, you better make sure you're belted in for the ride. They've found us." She made a sharp turn, threw him back and forth. "This is going to be harder than I thought."
Her expression was grim as she kept an eye on her rearview mirror and tightened her lips even more at what she saw. "We've got company right on our tail."
Tyler swiveled his head around in surprise and saw a black sedan speed up behind them. "Are they following us? Who are they, anyway?"

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