Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Silence of God by Gale Sears

From socialism to forced atheism, almost overnight -- Based on the inspiring true story of the only LDS family in 1917 revolutionary Russia.

The Silence of God follows Johan and Alma Lindlof and their eight children as they witness the glitz and glamour of Imperial Russia quickly dissolve into mass rebellion. The chaos ultimately divided their family and tested their faith, as some of the Lindlof children were sent to Siberian work camps.

As they face an uncertain future of danger and despair under the Bolshevik regime, life for the wealthy Lindlof family is changed forever by an idealogy that forces equality and demands the silence of God.

This well-researched novel by author Gale Sears – a powerful new voice in LDS historical fiction – offers a rare glimpse into a fascinating period of history, including the rise of socialism and the origins of the LDS Church in Russia.

As the only LDS family living in Russia at the time, the Lindlofs witnessed Elder Francis M. Lyman of the LDS Church’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles dedicate the land for the preaching of the gospel on Aug. 6, 1903. His scribe was the only other person there. Now, on Aug. 29, 2010, the Kyiv Ukraine Temple will be dedicated, the first temple in a former Soviet bloc country – just a few miles from the very spot where LDS was first introduced in Russia.

If you like LDS Historical Fiction, you'll like this book from Gale Sears. I'm glad I read this book. I haven't heard much LDS history come out of Russia especially during WWI. Gale Sears writes a moving story about a horrible and suppressive time in Russian history. LDS gospel and Russian history mingle to bring a rich story of love, sacrifice and the Savior.
The story loosely follows the Lindlof family, who were the first LDS Russians. The author does a good job of drawing the reader into loving and siding with certain characters. Their triumphs and tragedies weigh with the readers also. And I always wonder when I read a story with human sufferings, how can we treat each other so poorly? It hurts my heart. I was grateful that Ms. Sears put many good people to help soften the ugliness of war and the pain that comes from it.

Rating: PG
V: war
L: None
S: None

Page 69 test:
"When he looked up, three pairs of eyes were staring at him. The peasant woman stood just inside the doorway, her fingers pressed against her lips-slowly she made the sign of the cross. Andre Andreyevitch's brow was furrowed, and he leaned forward as if to study Arel more closely. The priest drew his hand away from the bandage on Bruno's shoulder.
"I have never heard a prayer such as that,' he said reverently. "Are you a minister?"
Arel shook his head. "No, Father. All the worthy men of our faith hold the priesthood."
The priest looked bewildered. "All the men? I have never heard of such a church."
"I would imagine not," came Bruno's whispered reply.
Arel looked down quickly into the eyes of his brother, and smiled. "You are alive then."
"I am."
The others in the room drew close.
The peasant woman reached out to touch Arel's arm. "You have healing power, young master."
"No," Arel replied kindly. "God has healing power."
The woman bobbed her head and smiled a toothy smile. "I will bring soup." She turned quickly and waddled from the room.
The priest untied the bandage and carefully lifted the cloth from the wound. "The bleeding has slowed," he said quietly. He looked into Bruno's face. "I think you will be fine now."
Bruno smiled weakly. "Thank you, Father."
"Yes, Father, thank you. You have great skill," Arel said.
"Skill? Ah, perhaps...yes. I suppose that is something."  He looked deeply Arel's eyes. "If I could, I would ask about your faith."
Arel nodded. "If there was time, I would tell you."
The priest handed Andre Andreyevitch extra bandages and the bottle of vodka. He gave the man a stern look. "Not for drinking. Only for cleaning the wound."
"Of course," Andre said indignantly. "What do you take me for?"
"A Russian," the priest answered. "I will make sure the village keeps you safe and I will try to find other clothing for you to wear. Perhaps the..."


  1. I just finished this book. It was excellent, but not a good idea to start reading it just before bed!

  2. Just got this book for Christmas! Cannot wait to read it :-)