Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card

Dan North knows from early childhood that his family is different — and that the differences are secrets that can never be told.  This contemporary Urban Fantasy introduces the North family, a clan of mages in exile in our world, and their enemies who will do anything to keep them locked here.

This book is nothing like the other Card books I've read so far. Maybe because it's an adult book and the ones I've read are young adult. 
The Lost Gate felt like a filler novel and I skimmed a lot. I kept waiting for the story to begin. It seemed that the author wanted to build the world and the main character first then sprinkle the story throughout.
I did enjoy the storyline of the "gods" that walk amongst the drowthers (mortals). Card is excellent at creating believable worlds and magic. My favorite story was of Wad, who lived in a medieval castle and could slip in and out of locked rooms with no one knowing.
I won't finish this series.

Rating: Adult (max)
V: Fighting, nibbling off a thumb, 
L: Yes
S: references to sex, woman wanted to rape boy,

Page 69 test:
" do any kind of work, even if it were legal for people to hire a thirteen-year-old.
Clothes first. He ran into the first problem as he was coming into the store. An old man was greeting people at the north entrance. He took one look at Danny, pointed at his feet, and said, "Shoes."
"I'm not wearing any," said Danny.
"No shirt, no shoes, no service."
"But I have a shit on," said Danny.
"No shirt or no shoes, no service."
Danny stood there flummoxed, and nearly turned around to go back out. Then he saw a mother carrying a two-year-old who was wearing flip-flops on her feet.
"What about flip-flops?"
"Flip-flops count as shoes," said the old man. "Except that you're not wearing flip-flops."
"Because my little brother stole them. You saw him com in, didn't you? He was running and carrying my flip-flops. Do I have to wait out in the cold because my brother stole my flip-flops?"
"I didn't see anybody like that," said the old man.
"Come one," said Danny. "You aren't that old."
The man bristled, but then Danny grinned. "Come on, let me find my brother, then I'll have my flip-flops, he'll have an Indian burn on his arm, and everybody's happy."
"Except your brother," said the old man, a little bit amused now.
"Oh, he'll tell you, stealing my flip-flops and almost getting me kicked out of hte store was worth it."
"You're completely full of b.s.," said hte old man. "Just don't tell anybody you came in through this door."
Danny knew what he needed to get, and without anything on his feet, he knew he had to get it fast and get out. But he couldn't help wandering around Wal-Mat for a while just looking at things. the whole place was a fantasy of Christmas. Everything had holly or Santa faces or elves on it; everything was red and green.Christmas lights, phony-looking plastic trees, pre-stuffed..."

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  1. This is such a helpful review. Interesting that there's a difference between his adult and YA.