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Absolution by Jennifer Laurens

Zoe’s secret is out. And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul. Her brother, Luke, knows her secret: that she sees both good and evil spirits. Her boyfriend knows. At least Matthias is her guardian angel again. But now Hell’s most ruthless leader will stop at nothing to have her soul.

Albert, Matthias’ father, is relentless in his hunger for Zoe. He wants to destroy Matthias and will use Zoe to do so.

The battle between Heaven and Hell tests everything Zoe has. As she witnesses everyone important in her life suffering, she’s brought to the ultimate choice: will she sacrifice her soul to save the ones she loves?

 Interesting series. I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I will admit, the first book was my favorite and I was totally content to end with that one. 
I liked the characters. Each had a unique voice, especially Matthias. 

Rating: PG 16
V: Fighting
L:A few words
S: Sexual tension

Page 69 test:
""You. Us. The truth."
He studied me wi…

Possession by Elana Johnson ARC review

Vi knows the Rule: Girls don't walk with boys, and they never even think about kissing them. But no one makes Vi want to break the Rules more than Zenn...and since the Thinkers have chosen him as Vi's future match, how much trouble can one kiss cause? The Thinkers may have brainwashed the rest of the population, but Vi is determined to think for herself.

But the Thinkers are unusually persuasive, and they're set on convincing Vi to become one of them...starting by brainwashing Zenn. Vi can't leave Zenn in the Thinkers' hands, but she's wary of joining the rebellion, especially since that means teaming up with Jag. Jag is egotistical, charismatic, and dangerous--everything Zenn's not. Vi can't quite trust Jag and can't quite resist him, but she also can't give up on Zenn.

This is a game of control or be controlled. And Vi has no choice but to play.

Love the new, sassy voice Elana Johnson has introduced to YA lit!!

Rating: PG 14
L: Mil…

The Healing Spell by Kimber Griffths Little

Twelve-year-old Livie is living with a secret and it's crushing her. She knows she is responsible for her mother's coma, but she can't tell anyone. It's up to her to find a way to wake her momma up.
Stuck in the middle of three sisters, hiding a forbidden pet alligator, and afraid to disappoint her daddy, whom she loves more than anyone else, Livie struggles to find her place within her own family as she learns about the powers of faith and redemption. Livie's powerful, emotional, and sometimes humorous story will stay with readers long after the last line is read.
Set in the lush bayou of Louisiana, Kimberley Griffiths Little brings Livie's story to life with power and grace.

I truly enjoyed this book and would buy the hard cover to add to my library. A story of hope, love and family.
Ms. Little is a master of descriptions in world setting and characters. I loved all the people in the book, even the bratty cousin and the baby alligator. Strange, I kno…

Finding Mercie by Blaine Yorgeson

As Hector Lopez runs against the frigid Chicago wind clutching the bleeding girl in his arms, he hopes his ailing heart doesn't fail before he reaches the medical clinic. Even after safely delivering the child and continuing on his way to work, Hector cannot forget the image of the little girl curled up like a rag doll in a small pool of mostly frozen blood. And if he could possibly forget the incident, the Chicago Police Department will not let him—particularly detective Lee Tierney, whose prejudiced eye sees a killer in this Good Samaritan. Now burdened as a murder suspect, Hector witnesses the further unraveling of his life when his teenage son, Raul, announces that his girlfriend is pregnant. Then Hector's cancer suddenly comes out of remission, threatening his life as well as his relationship with Liliana—the one woman he's loved since being widowed years earlier. And when Raul's itch to find the true killer spirals out of control, Hector finds himse…

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

My name is Meghan Chase. I thought it was over. That my time with the fey, the impossible choices I had to make, the sacrifices of those I loved, was behind me. But a storm is approaching, an army of Iron fey that will drag me back, kicking and screaming. Drag me away from the banished prince who's sworn to stand by my side. Drag me into the core of conflict so powerful, I'm not sure anyone can survive it.
This time, there will be no turning back.

That said, this is another great book from the Iron Fey series. And yes, I did break my resolution to only read a series if the books were all published. In my defense, I stated a trilogy as a series. So I'm technically off the hook because their is a fourth book.
Another great book with characters becoming stronger and better through trials. Each character has a unique voice and personality. Love, hate, war, finding inner strength, sacrifice, betrayal and magic are woven throughout the story.
I was thrown at revelation o…

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

Half Summer faery princess, half human, Meghan has never fit in anywhere. Deserted by the Winter prince she thought loved her, she is prisoner to the Winter faery queen. As war looms between Summer and Winter, Meghan knows that the real danger comes from the Iron fey—ironbound faeries that only she and her absent prince have seen. But no one believes her. Worse, Meghan's own fey powers have been cut off. She's stuck in Faery with only her wits for help. Trusting anyone would be foolish. Trusting a seeming traitor could be deadly. But even as she grows a backbone of iron, Meghan can't help but hear the whispers of longing in her all-too-human heart.

So far, I've enjoyed this series.
The characters grow, show their weaknesses, fall in love, feel rejected, love someone they shouldn't, defy orders and try to do what's right.
Meghan is half human, half faery who has to find her own inner strength to fight the Iron Fey and not rely only on her magic.
Ash is th…

Wovles, Boys & Other Things that might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler

KJ Carson lives an outdoor lover's dream. The only daughter of a fishing and wildlife guide, KJ can hold her own on the water or in the mountains near her hometown outside Yellowstone National Park. But when she meets the shaggy-haired, intensely appealing Virgil, KJ loses all self-possession. And she's not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that they're assigned to work together on a school newspaper article about the famous wolves of Yellowstone. As KJ spends time with Virgil, she also spends more time getting to know a part of her world that she always took for granted . . . and she begins to see herself and her town in a whole new light.

Interesting subject matter of wolves and I'm not talking werewolves. Set in a small town near Yellowstone, the story is about KJ, or Katherine Jean, who sees issues as black and white. She develops a crush on the new boy whose Mom is is in town to study the wolves. That is one side of the story.
The other side is …

Wrong Number by Rachelle Christensen

When Aubree Stewart receives a mysterious phone call on her way to work, she doesn't know what to think when the caller mentions a dead body. At first she assumes it s some kind of prank. But the call isn't a practical joke, and Aubree soon finds herself swept up in a world of danger, intrigue, and murder. With help from the FBI, Aubree races to protect herself and what s left of her family, but the one thing she forgets to protect is her own heart.

Good story with bad guys, good guys and romance.
Rachelle offers a story of intrigue when Aubree gets a wrong number. From the beginning this book is full of suspense, making me distrust every person in her life. Even the ones that seem to be falling for her.

Good, clean and quick page turning read!

Rating: PG
V: Bad guys, gun fight
L: None
S: kissing

Want to buy the book?

Page 69 test:
""Having a baby is like being run over by  truck," the nurse said and chuckled.
Aubree nodded and then watched the nurse take …

The Fourth Nephite by Jeffrey S. Savage

Kaleo Steele is starting to cut seminary and hang out with some new friends ; in fact, he s not even sure what he believes anymore. When his seminary teacher finds him at the wrong place at the wrong time, Kaleo is in jeopardy of missing his high school team s regional football game a game where college scouts will be coming to see him play. But his seminary teacher realizes that much more than a game is at stake, and sends him on a soul-searching quest. Guided by Ladan, a mysterious old blind man, Kaleo pushes through a battered wooden door only to find himself in Palmyra, New York, in the fall of 1827. Soon he is caught up in a battle between treasure seekers led by Allaster Blackburn, a necromancer hired to steal the gold plates and the young prophet Joseph Smith, who is sworn to keep them safe. In his quest to find a key that will send him back to his own time, Kaleo will have to decide what to believe. Before it s too late. In the style of the Tenn…