Thursday, June 23, 2011

Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Lily Sanderson has a secret, and it’s not that she has a huge crush on gorgeous swimming god Brody Bennett, who makes her heart beat flipper-fast. Unrequited love is hard enough when you’re a normal teenage girl, but when you’re half human, half mermaid like Lily, there’s no such thing as a simple crush.

Lily’s mermaid identity is a secret that can’t get out, since she’s not just any mermaid – she’s a Thalassinian princess. When Lily found out three years ago that her mother was actually a human, she finally realized why she didn’t feel quite at home in Thalassinia, and she’s been living on land and going to Seaview high school ever since, hoping to find where she truly belongs. Sure, land has its problems – like her obnoxious, biker boy neighbor Quince Fletcher – but it has that one major perk – Brody. The problem is, mermaids aren’t really the casual dating type – when they “bond,” it’s for life.

When Lily’s attempt to win Brody’s love leads to a tsunami-sized case of mistaken identity, she is in for a tidal wave of relationship drama, and she finds out, quick as a tailfin flick, that happily-ever-after never sails quite as smoothly as you planned.

Quick, clean, fun read. A mermaid story from the very beginning.
Lily is a mermaid princess whose (dead) mother is human and father is a mer king.
Lily was given the chance to see what living among the "terrapeds"and falls for Brody, who doesn't know she exists except as the swim team manager.
Lily's neighbor, Quince, is a pain in her fins next door neighbor who happens to like Lily. Only Lily can't figure this out through 1/2 the book and the rest of the book is how she doesn't like Quince, she likes Brody.
When Quince kisses Lily, their futures change and Lily has to reveal her biggest secret to him.
I liked the story. I didn't know it was a trilogy until I was into the book. But this is okay to stand alone. No real cliff hanger for the second book. Sounds like the second book will be from the viewpoint of Lily's cousin who despises her.
I wish the author would've fleshed out Brody and Shannen (BFF) a little bit more. Especially when it came to them finding out Lily's secret.
Lily uses tons of sea-inspired vocab and swear words like: "son of a swordfish,""blowfish," and "damselfish" (personal favorite).

Rating PG
V: No
L: No
S: kissing

Want to but it?

25% test (page 73):
Meet me at Seaview Beach Park at three.
I slipped the note under Quince's front door first thing in the morning and then disappeared. A night's lack of sleep hadn't cleared things up for me, and I needed a full day to figure out how to explain...well, him.
As the sun heads west behind me, I sit staring out at the ocean horizon. Still not sure how I'm going to proceed.
How do you tell a guy you're a mermaid? And that's he's turning mer, too? I've spent three years fantasizing about telling Brody, but this is different. Quince is different.
He doesn't say anything when he walks up behind me, but I feel him. In the sand, in the air. Everywhere. For a minute, I let the tension--or maybe it's the bond, I still can't believe I'm bonded to Quince Fletcher--crackle between us. I'd always heard the bond was an addictive high. I never..."

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