Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finding Hope~Where to Look for God's Help by S. Michael Wilcox

When life's challenges seem overwhelming, where can you turn for help? In this newest volume of the Time Out Classics series, author S. Michael Wilcox offers a profound message of hope and encouragement. Using powerful stories from the scriptures, he teaches that hope can be found in looking past obstacles and moving forward with faith, in looking back at past experiences that may have strengthened us for future challenges, and in looking for times when the Savior walks with us. On those days when we may wonder if Heavenly Father has forgotten us, we have the assurance that each of His servants will receive "the light of the countenance of their Lord . . . every man in his hour and in his time and in his season." And although it may not be your hour now, He will come because He is aware of us, He knows our needs, and He will bless us.

First line:
God spoke to the great prophets of the Old Testament in some rather unique ways, most of them deeply visual."

When life's challenges seem overwhelming, where can you turn for help? Using powerful stories from the scriptures, Michael Wilcox teaches that hope can be found.
This book is a quick, uplifting book. Easy to read and understand. Can be read as a daily uplifting read.


25% test (p. 14):
"Camping on the Beach
There is another story,in the book of Mormon this time, that can enhance the message of the story of the twelve spies. As the Jaredites moved forward toward their promised land, they had to build barges and boats to cross smaller bodies of water. Eventually they came to the ocean, the ultimate crossing. Before we examine what they did at this point in their journey, I would like to point out that all of the major journeys and almost all crossings in the scriptures--be they deserts, wilderness, oceans or the Jordan River--should be read with our own lives in mind. We too are making journey to the eternal promised land, the celestial kingdom. There will be critical..."

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