Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch

The wars that followed The Collapse nearly destroyed civilization. Now, twenty years later, the world is faced with a choice—rebuild what was or make something new.

Stephen Quinn, a quiet and dutiful fifteen-year-old scavenger, travels Post-Collapse America with his Dad and stern ex-Marine Grandfather. They travel light. They keep to themselves. Nothing ever changes. But when his Grandfather passes suddenly and Stephen and his Dad decide to risk it all to save the lives of two strangers, Stephen's life is turned upside down. With his father terribly injured, Stephen is left alone to make his own choices for the first time.

Stephen’s choices lead him to Settler's Landing, a lost slice of the Pre-Collapse world where he encounters a seemingly benign world of barbecues, baseball games and days spent in a one-room schoolhouse. Distrustful of such tranquility, Stephen quickly falls in with Jenny Tan, the beautiful town outcast. As his relationship with Jenny grows it brings him into violent conflict with the leaders of Settler's Landing who are determined to remake the world they grew up in, no matter what the cost.

Another post apocalyptic that is closer to what could happen in our future. China bombs use with the plague and millions die.
Stephen and his father are survivors and what is called Scavengers. They find bits and pieces of scraps that keep them alive with food and clothes and medical supplies.
After his dad is hurt, Stephen gets help and ends up at Settler's Landing where people actually live in houses, eat at tables and sleep in beds. And to top it all off, they even have school.
Along with the good of this place, there is some bad. Slavers live outside and they are dangerous.
The battle at the end was good.
Can Stephen get along with the Settlers? Will his dad get better? Will he find a place in his survivor heart for love?

To be honest, three days after I read this I couldn't remember the title, main character or plot. Not good. Then something in the news about a plague and it all came back. 

Rating: PG 13
V: Some fights, intense scenes
L: Not that I remember
S: No


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