Thursday, February 2, 2012

Persuasion by Rebecca H. Jamison Blog Tour!

Happy day! I get to be part of PERSUASION blog tour!
I have a dear friend who is all things Austen and I asked her to be a guest reviewer today.
Take it away Mrs. LeBuck!

Rebecca H. Jamison's Persuasion: A Latter Day Tale was an easy, breezy read on a otherwise cold weekend.  Her story echoes Jane Austen's Persuasion well enough that I could easily anticipate the general story line, but the updated new twist kept it fresh as I read.  I especially enjoyed the "new" ways of getting the characters where they need to be.  For example, the accident at the beach was a pleasant surprise, as was the back story given to the character of William.
Jamison's version of Anne Elliot has her own modern issues to deal with, including her work, her car, her friends and roommate.  But the relationship issues Jane Austen gave her original heroine ring true in the modern version--her father's financial issues, her sisters' selfishness, and her own self-doubt.  Played out within an LDS morality, the romantic entanglements work very well too, even in the modern settings.  I could sense her longing for a husband and family life without seeing her as a sappy, unrealistic, washed-up spinster.  And Anne's attitude never felt defeated.
Overall, I appreciated the clean but still romantic  twist on a story I adore from Jane Austen.  Perhaps this new telling will hook younger readers into seeing the brilliance of the character driven novel without the need to spice it up and out of my personal rating's window.

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