Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Defenders of the Covenant by Angie Lofthouse

Can Earth be Saved?

Hannah and her friends have been warned about the danger lurking outside of their secret refuge from the alien invaders who devastated Earth years before. The teenagers’ leaders
have raised them in the Latter-day Saint faith, teaching them to trust God, but when McKenzie and her rebellious boyfriend Jeremy decide to run away, Hannah and Derek follow, determined to bring their friends home.

Once outside, the four teens soon realize they cannot return to the refuge without endangering everyone there. Captured, enslaved, and separated, Hannah, Derek, and McKenzie
each learn the unique role they must play in liberating the earth. The friends must battle with android soldiers and attack vessels, and face their own inner struggles to overcome the invaders. After all, not even an alien invasion can stop the work of God.

First line:
"Hannah knelt beside her bed, curling her toes into the carpet."

First off, I have to say I was a little worried about the premise of this book. An alien story with religious ideals.
But I love Angie Lofthouse and would read anything of hers because she's a gifted artist. 
I was not disappointed.
Angie knows storytelling. She understands characters, plot, description, storyline, pacing etc etc. I had a hard time putting this book down. 
The story centers around four teenagers who leave the safety of their underground home and are abducted by the aliens that destroyed the Earth. Each character has a different mission to fulfill. But how can they when they are separated from each other and taken captive by 'The Great Ones'. I was distressed along with them. Then ecstatic when they were free for a moment and almost cried in frustration when they were in trouble again. 
Really couldn't figure out why the humans didn't gang up on the aliens! Seriously! But the special suits the aliens make the humans wear also provides pain when the aliens want to control their captured. Angie has all the bases covered when it comes to sci/fi and aliens.
Speaking of crying, there were many times a lump rose in my throat from joy and happiness. Not many writers can do that to me. Just sayin'. 

Good, quick, clean, exciting read! 

Rating: PG
V: Alien bullys
L: No
S: No

Overall story
LDS aspects

Angie making me almost cry
My book got wet & slightly ruined
The aliens. I wanted to fry them (you'll understand after you read this book).

4 1/2 STARS

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