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Mae McBride and Heidi Foster were the very best of friends. Tied at the hip from early elementary school, their relationship was the stuff of storybooks, legendary even, in the minds of their high school classmates.


That is, until Mae's father died while saving Heidi's life. When Mae finds out, she blames Heidi. She blames her father for putting Heidi ahead of her. She blames her friends for taking Heidi’s side. She begins to unravel amid that blame and her uncontrollable and atypical anger.

At the same time Heidi is beset by guilt, falls into depression and stops eating properly; wasting away physically and emotionally while waiting for Mae to let her back into the friendship she misses so dearly.

Mae, consumed by her hatred of Heidi, the confusion regarding her father’s motives, the perceived desertion of her friends and her mother’s grief, loses more and more of herself.

What could possibly bring these two old friends back to each other? A miracle?

Hating Heidi Foster, is a young adult novel about the place of honor true friendships hold in our lives. It is about suffering and loss and the ethics of grief. It is about a deep and painful conflict, the bright light of selflessness and sacrifice and the love that rights the ship and carries us safely to port.

First line:
"I've never been very good with faces."

If you have ever lost someone close to you, this book might be helpful for you. Mae McBride has lost her father in a tragic fire. Her father is a hero, saving her best friend, Heidi but the pain of losing her father sends Mae into a depression that she takes out on everyone around her, including Heidi. How Mae learns to deal with her grief is told in this story by Jeffrey Blount.
This is a short and sweet story, easily read in one setting.
This is more of a book to help with death and grieving than a YA story. There's a lot of nicknames is this book, which can be distracting but it is a good book about friendship.

Rating: PG
L: No
V: No
S: No

This book helping others with grief
 Value of a good friendship


2 1/2 STARS

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