Thursday, November 14, 2013

THE SIREN'S SECRET by Heather Ostler

Julia’s life has gone from complicated to nearly impossible! When Julia loses her shapeshifting powers and her appearance changes in alarming ways, she flees to Sirenity, where she learns an incredible secret about her mother. In this thrilling sequel, Julia must take greater risks and make bigger sacrifices as she discovers who she really is and what she can really become.

First line:
"Julie sat down at the dinner table across from several other soldiers, who were busy conversting about Ossai, Lockham Castle, and the Guild.

Interesting tale of a girl who can shape shift but also is a siren. Which path will she choose?
This good, clean read will take you to two different, magical worlds.

Rating: PG
V: Fighting
L: No
S: No

Unique story

Quick resolve at the end


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